Rain Sense: Citizens preparing Amsterdam for future weather

Onderdeel van (onderzoeks)programma: AMS
Domein: smart city, water
Doelstelling/projectbeschrijving: Rain Sense will make Amsterdam more resilient to flooding, and to damage from severe weather conditions like those experienced several times this summer, not least the torrential rainfall on 28 July 2014. Thanks to smart innovations such as monitoring stations umbrellas that double up as mobile rain gauges, and an app that residents can download onto their
 phones, the researchers can track the rainfall in Amsterdam right down to street level. People with the app will be able to report problems by uploading photos, noting the location of the rainfall, and remote-checking that their own home is dry. This will enable partners like Waternet to visualise potential problems in good time and take appropriate precautions to contain any damage from heavy downpours.

Uitvoerende organisatie(s): TU Delft, WUR, IBM, Cisco, Waternet, Deltares, KPN
Meer informatie:

Website: http://www.ams-institute.org/solution/rain-sense/