New urban water and wastewater transport systems (NUWWTS)

Onderdeel van (onderzoeks)programma: STW perspectief
Domein: Water

Doelstelling/projectbeschrijving: The engineered water and wastewater transport systems are aging and large investments need to be made for replacement and renewal. Thus now the time is right to search for effective, innovative and feasible alternatives which can deal with all these challenges. The programme will focus on:
– technological development of an innovative water and wastewater transport system
– sustainability of the system
– transition management towards the new system with a fundament in the existing system
– changes in asset management and governance originating from and enabling the transition

Hoofdaanvrager: Luuk Rietveld (TUD, Civil Engineering and Geosciences) Mede initiatiefnemers: Jan Peter van der Hoek (TUD, Civil Engineering and Geosciences), Jan Vreeburg (WUR, Environmental Technology), Prof.dr. Kees van Leeuwen (Universiteit Utrecht, Copernicus Institute), Paulien Herder (TUD, Techniek Bestuur en Maatschappij), Huub Rijnaarts (WUR, Environmental Technology.

Meer informatie:
Contactpersoon: Jan Peter van der Hoek: Waternet; T 0031 6 48262075 Technische Universiteit Delft Afdeling Water Management; T 0031 6 48262075